Our sweet Smash Cupcakes are larger than our regular-sized cupcakes and could be considered a mini cake (equivalent to approximately three of our regular-sized cupcakes). The perfect treat for First Birthdays, a topper for a Bride and Groom, Anniversaries or for any special occasion. Our Smash Cupcakes can be customized to match most party themes (contact us for inquiries). Smash Cupcakes are available in limited flavors for $25.00 -OR- $20.00 with the purchase of a dozen cupcakes. Additional fees may apply for personalized themes.

Frosted Frenzy offers the perfect solution for all your party needs! In addition to our delicious gourmet cupcakes, we also offer Mini Cupcakes & Smash Cupcakes!

Mini Cupcakes are available in a limited variety of our most popular flavors (call to inquire). Our Mini Cupcakes are perfect for showers, weddings, parties of all kinds and lots of other special events! $25.00 per dozen

(one flavor per dozen).